The key to sorting your Magi-Nation cards:

  If there is a symbol down in the lower right-hand corner of the text box, the card is from an expansion. Click below for a list of cards in each Expansion:
Awakening, released August 2001.
  Dreams End, released November 2001.
  Nightmare's Dawn, released April 2002.
   Voice of the Storms, released November 2002.

The Custom Cards also had expansion symbols in the lower right-hand corner of the text box:
     Elder's Legacy, released November 2004
Tainted Glimpses, released May 2006
Twilight War, released May 2007
    Exodus Flight, currently unreleased

There were also a number of Insiider Role Playing Cards made.  These had the following symbols in the lower right-hand corner of the text box:

  If the card says "LIMITED" in the very lower right-hand corner by the copyright date, it is a special Promo Card.

There are also a number of Custom Promo Cards:
Shadowsfall Promo , released May 2005
Keeper's Quest, released May 2006
Double Jeopardy, currently unreleased

  If the card has wide borders, a textured surface, and an Interactive Imagination corporate logo in the upper left-hand corner, it's a special preview card, released at Gen Con 2000 before the First Edition of the Base Set was printed.

  If there is a Roman Numeral  I  beneath the region symbol, it is a First Edition card. This means it belongs to the first printing of that set. If the card contains the first edition stamp but does not have an expansion symbol associated with it, it belongs to the First-Edition Base Set (the first Magi-Nation Duel Set ever printed), released October 2000.
If the card does not have a first edition stamp or an expansion symbol, it is from the Unlimited Base Set (a re-print of the Base Set), released in February 2001.

  Not all of the First Edition Base Set cards were printed as foil cards. Only the non-Universal Creatures and the uncommon Magi were released as foil in the First Edition Base Set Booster Pack. The other First Edition cards will be available in foil as special promotions for the Grand Magi Council and as tournament prizes. Base Set First Edition foils were shiny over their whole surface. Promotional First Edition foils look more like Unlimited foils, with the illustration and text box unfoiled.


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