"Scattering of Shadows"
by Edward Bolme
The events herein take place between Awakening and Dream's End, and between The Shadow Geyser and The Battle of Naroom. This story first appeared in the Dream's End Preview Decks (not much space for expository writing on those cards).
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With Agram's defeat, it was thought there would be peace, however, Agram's lieutenants escaped the cataclysm. Agram was trapped back in the Core, leaving them to their own devices.

Zet seized the reins of power. He seated himself on Agram's throne with a contented sigh and a wide, toothy grin, and began to consolidate his power. Grateful for the leadership, many obeyed his dictates. However, not everyone acquiesced to his bid for dominance.

Hrada and Warrada confronted Zet on the throne. There was a terrific battle, after which the pair were exhausted and Zet, defeated, made his escape. Zet then went into hiding, with Korg dogging his tracks.

Of Nagsis, there was no trace, which most found very alarming. It is certain that wherever he is, he is weaving a new web of lies and deceit.

The Shadow Magi have been largely ignored by those of the Core, thus they have been forced to band together for mutual survival in a hostile Moonlands. Trust does not come easily to them, but fear makes up for their paranoia. They decided to attempt to hide in The Weave, a huge ocean of grass where the living, moving grass stalks can grow up to a mile high. They'd heard rumors that at the base of The Weave, where no one ever ventures, there was a pit that led to the Core.

The Shadow Magi slipped into The Weave undetected. They were able to survive thanks largely to the experience of Ashio, who knew the ways of The Weave and how to subvert its magic for their use.

However, in all of this, Agram is neither gone nor forgotten. Morag, Agram's faithful lieutenant, seeks to free his master once again from the prison in which he is trapped.

Only time will tell which of these dark forces will succeed, and which will fail. Their fate, as well as that of The Weave, hangs in the balance.


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